Wrinkles, The Musical

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In October of 2019, Wrinkles The Musical had its third season of production, this time with an all equity cast, at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre, directed by Emmy winning and Tony nominated Dani Davis.

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In the Spring of 2017, after nine years of writing and re-writing, Wrinkles, The Musical  had its world premiere at Cape Cod Theatre Company.  The five week run surpassed all expectations with sold out performances, standing ovations and rave reviews. Wrinkles  returned to The Cape Cod Theatre Company in 2018 for its second successful run.


Hags and Crones, the poem that inspired Wrinkles, the Musical

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Here are some testimonials from fans of Wrinkles:

“Rich exploration of various dimensions of female aging and all while maintaining high energy and good fun. Im sure you lowered the average subjective experience of age of the aging audience by at least 10 years. Congratulations.” —Brent Harold

“What a wonderful night! The play was outstanding…we laughed, we cried, we felt such a great range of emotions. The connections with our work at WE CAN were everywhere. I know it has been a fantastic run, and I am so glad that the audiences have responded so well. Clearly those in attendance last night were truly captivated. Thank you for sharing those wonderful stories about real, live older women and their struggles and joys. I know they will stay with me for a long time. Theatre is life changing and this show clearly has a life of its own. I know it moved people deeply–it did me.”–Andi Genser

“Thank you Wilderness for the gift of Wrinkles. It was a delight to be there last night. The characters followed me home- and the music did too!”–deer Sullivan

“I took my mom to see this on Mother’s Day and it was an absolute hoot! SO funny, so touching. A beautiful, bawdy tribute to aging, friendship, and the whole messy, complicated thing we call life. I love that it is grounded in true stories of women in our community, told through the eyes of women who so value community and are innovators in fostering social justice and civic engagement through the arts on a local-to-global level. Thank you Wilderness Sarchild and Naomi Turner for the many gifts you have shared with us all –Kristen Knowles

“WOW!  Just WOW!  What a TRULY GREAT show!  Thank you to ALL who’ve had a part in this up to this moment.  That cliffhanger in the first act?  I’m saying NOTHING about act two here!   NOT ONE WORD so don’t even bother to ask.  Want to know what happens?  GO SEE THE SHOW!  SERIOUSLY.  SEE. THIS. SHOW.  Naomi Turner and Wilderness Sarchild et al have written BRAVELY about LIFE – ALL OF IT! You’ll see what I mean when you see it.  This is one to watch.  It merits a VERY LARGE AUDIENCE. Broadway?  SURE.  WHY NOT?” –Glenn Starner-Tate

“I must tell you again how much Mary and I enjoyed your musical.  I am overwhelmed when I think of all that goes into a production – playwriting, composing music, copyrights, set design, costumes,choosing actresses and musicians, finding a theatre, etc.  You are amazing. The plot was hilarious and sad as well and really encompassed so many women issues.”–Nancy Ortiz

“As a woman of a “certain age” (who wears her wrinkles proudly)  I thank you for a wonderfully warm and touching afternoon of Musical theatre today. WRINKLES, The Musical, is a wonderful artistic achievement, I hope it has a long, long life, Congratulations and love,”–Joanne Hush

“As the subbing drummer for Wrinkles, the Musical, I’ve been so lucky to be part of this experience. There’s simply no other word for it.  These actors ARE the characters they inhabit, all inspired by real Cape Cod women and their very real stories. They’re not just people reading lines.  They live and breathe these parts.  They are these ladies. I’ve never been so moved by a production I’m involved in. This will make you feel, and more importantly, it will make you think.  And reflect.  And hopefully make your own days ahead that much more meaningful and memorable. Nobody asked me to write this.  I just know how I feel every time I enter this theatre. See it, and see it NOW.  It closes next week, and you don’t want to think, “yeah, I meant to, maybe next time…”This is it.  Original.  One time with one amazing cast. I’m just grateful to be part of the experience every chance I get.  You will be too.”–John Jamison

“Seeing ‘Wrinkles’ the second time only made me wonder if it was being picked up by some glorious broadway company.. it surely deserves the accolades.  best to you!  you have done a great job.”–Toby Kalman

“What a wonderful evening we had tonight!  I think that everyone in the theater, both on stage and in the audience, shared laughter and tears and a new understanding of our options as we age.”–Betsy Smith

“Honest treatment of many taboo subjects with humor, (the ultimate survival tool), contrasted with very tender moments, piercing lyrics, exuberant choreography and outstanding performance by this “amateur” cast. In other words,you two nailed it.Leo Thebault

“Wrinkles, here to stay….shared experience with many……you invite delight Sue and I so enjoyed the musical.  It was so evident of a long and wondrous yet arduous journey of exploration, listening to stories and collaboration.  Congratualtions – and we are grateful for the sharing of your and Naomi.s gift of love and creativity!” — Sue Flemming